StartNorth Startup Strategy
Group 3832

The Challenge

As a municipality with a rich history in Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals, Hume City Council wanted to change the perception and build its profile to attract more white collar industries whilst continuing to support its strong blue collar network. With the award of funding from LaunchVic to help promote Hume as a place for business to prosper, Marketing Entourage (ME) were engaged to support two key areas.

1) A Content strategy to support Economic Development,

2) A Startup Engagement Strategy. 

The Solution

Working collaboratively with council and key stakeholders, ME co-designed the strategy to align with council key objectives and stakeholder needs. We identified and prioritised key market segments then built out a plan to nurture priority personas along a developed journey to moving or engaging with Hume.  We looked to increase brand awareness through a series of activations and position Hume Economic Development as the hub within the Hume ecosystem.  We wanted to optimise the use of recent funding and create greater collaboration opportunities between departments and the greater community. 

We helped Hume develop a value proposition to create succinct messaging on the value and benefits to the identified segments and increase the probability of engagement and interest.

To support the objectives of facilitating investment attraction, promoting liveability and to empower the community we focused on education and content. The inclusion of a lead generation campaign would provide an opportunity to continue to nurture those engaging with that content. 

Having mapped the economic development ecosystem, we detailed all potential channels and priority channels and activity for priority segments as well as the key relationships with stakeholders that needed to be developed. 

Helping to set effective KPIs to ensure that success is continuously measured and tactics can be refined would ensure that the existing team were able to continue to improve their engagement with the community long after the strategy was set. 

With a detailed horizon map and action plan detailed for the 12 months following the strategy co-design, Hume City Council were equipped with the insights, direction and step by step action plan to make their objectives a reality.

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