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"Phil, Sam and their team didn’t just throw a standard strategy at us, they heeded our input and combined with their expertise, we produced a simple but effective plan. We had the resources, we just lacked the knowledge and strategy and implementation process. Marketing Entourage gave me confidence that we could work together to achieve this, ultimately leaving us with the ability to career ahead on our own. Working with reliable trustworthy and knowledgeable people who deliver on their promises is so much more preferable that the alternative. If you want a team of real people who go to great lengths to understand your business before attempting to assist you to improve it, then I couldn’t recommend Marketing Entourage more highly" 

Tim, Future Force 

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What we do for you

Ultimately, you get results. Whether you are wanting to drive revenue, donations, subscribers or event attendees.  

You get access to a whole team of expert marketing and customer experience consultants using the latest thinking for a fraction of the cost of hiring an additional staff member or multiple agencies.  

Ever feel envious of large corporations with staff and resources focused on customer experience? We make enterprise level marketing accessible you.

You get clarity and support to build a community of people that love what you do and keep coming back for more.

You get the tools to help you be more human-centred, provide more value to the people you serve, and ultimately grow your business. 

You get a strategy that combines traditional and digital marketing, looking at your business holistically. Considering your offline activity as well as your online marketing activity.  

We don't make assumptions and use data, research and insights, to ensure we are delivering the right messages to the right people at the best time.

We treat your organisation as if it were our own, your success is our success.  

We're based in Melbourne, however, we have clients all over Australia.



Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & SEM

Marketing isn't static, in order to understand our customers we must constantly test and refine.  This takes time and effort and for most business owners and marketing professionals this is difficult to do alone.   So we developed our unique subscription model for our clients that would rather have an entourage; access to experienced digital marketing professionals at the fraction of the cost of employing additional marketing staff or engaging multiple marketing agencies and consultancies.



Graphic Design,  Web design, Brand Design, UX/UI, CX, Experiential Marketing, Game Design, AR, VR, Apps, CRM & Automation

When you need a creative injection or transformation for your business, a specific campaign or project, we develop a customised package that combines design and innovation to create amazing customer experiences, aligned with the whole business objectives, that delight and engage your target audience.  Great design isn't just about the way you look, it's about how you make your customers feel.  People don't buy products or services, they buy experiences.  



Strategic Design, Service Design, New Policy & Strategy Creation, Value Design, Design Hacks, Ethnography, Market Research, Data Analysis

We are passionate about using a design mindset to help you create better ways of working and better ways of being.  We co-design all of our strategies with our clients using our human-centred methodology to produce innovative solutions to your organisation's challenges. Putting the customer at the heart of what you do ensures what you create, be it a new policy, strategy, product or service, provides the most value and gets the best results. 


We're Passionate About Our Clients

We love our clients and treat their business as our own. We help you gain a renewed sense of purpose for your business and clarity on the steps to success. We don’t just tell you we teach you and support and guide you over a period of time for sustainable results. We know your business so well we become trusted advisors, it’s like having your own in-house marketing department, instead you have a Marketing Entourage for the fraction of the cost.

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