Brand Tips for Startups and Business Owners

July 21, 2020

Brand is about visual and verbal communication, it's about looking good and sounding authentic in a consistent way.

Your business exists as an entity, and often as start-ups and start-up founders, there's a lot of yourself embedded in the business. It's important to think about what that brand is and what it should look like.

If you're a luxury service or product having a cheap brand will not sit well. If you're selling cheap products, then you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to look luxurious. Imagine if you walked down the street and there was a person in a suit selling a diamond or someone in a tracksuit selling a diamond. What is your perception? Who are you going to buy from?

It's important to think about how you present yourself so that you're going to persuade or build that trust with someone so they should purchase from you and not someone else.

Think about brand across all touch-points, from the invoices you send out, your salesperson, your loyalty program, the company newsletter and every single email you or your employees send out.

Be consistent across everything you're sending out. Having a consistent look and feel and sound helps you build that trust with your customers. Remember what you're trying to do through digital communications and physical communications is to build trust with your customers.

Thinking about how you speak is also important. If you are dealing with corporates, the tone of voice that you use in your communication is going to be different than if your target audience is of a younger demographic. Think about your target audience and how you should speak to them.

If you've spoken to your target audience or gathered insights from them, you can start to understand the types of language that they might use. There's a certain way of speaking to people so that they feel like you get them.

by Samantha Hurley

Samantha Hurley

Written by Samantha Hurley

Sam co-founded Marketing Entourage after spending 18 years in senior sales & marketing positions for companies such as Lonely Planet and The Press Association in Melbourne, New York and London. Sam started out in a design agency and used design thinking to help develop a product that went on to revolutionise the media industry in 2002. Sam also teaches Digital Marketing and Data Driven Marketing at General Assembly. The daughter of an engineer and a designer, she learned to code and design at a young age. She feels she has the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist and likes to sit in the space where creativity, technology and business converge.

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