Like a game of chess, you must think first before you move.

At Marketing Entourage we help you clearly define your vision (who you are and who you aspire to become), we identify your unique value proposition (what makes you different from the rest), and your target customers (the people who will become your evangelists). We help you stand out, so that your customers can find you more easily. In the long term this saves you valuable time and money and will drive your business and marketing strategy. We can then become trusted advisers on the best marketing strategies you should use to continue to connect with your customers and live your vision. We don’t just tell you, we teach you the thinking skills necessary to survive in this business world of accelerated change.

This is our uniqueness and our promise to you.

chess game


We use the latest thinking frameworks and our unique human-centred methodology to co-create your marketing strategy



We then develop an innovative plan to create amazing customer experiences



We then support the implementation with access to a range of creative services and stick with you for sustainable results

  • Vision & Purpose

    Understand who you are, what you value, and where you want to be

  • Market Awareness & Target Customers

    Get clear on your unique value proposition and who will be your evangelists

  • Brand Personality

    Know how you communicate, visually and verbally

  • Strategic Differentation

    Position yourself so that you stand out in your market

  • Customer Experiences

    Connect with your customers to make them keep coming back for more

  • Connection to the Best

    Get connected with the best team to implement your strategy