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The Challenge

Creating a strategic vision and unique value proposition with a go-to-market strategy

Nous Group is a leading Australian owned management consulting and leadership development firm, with offices and experienced consultants throughout the country and in the UK. They partner with clients in demanding and complex sectors to create innovative, enduring solutions.

Nous Group had developed an innovative platform built on a belief in facilitation of learning, human connection and a strong belief in conversations and giving people a voice. Loop, a tailored, immediate feedback platform helps companies that seek higher performance a web and phone app drive behavioural change.  

Marketing Entourage was engaged to work with the CEO of Loop to refine their strategic vision, key messaging and develop a go-to-market strategy for the two identified product offerings.


The Solution

Through a series of workshops with the key members of the Loop strategic team we worked to strategise on the future, develop objectives and understand their market. Through research and insights clear target markets and value propositions were developed.

We developed a key message for the overall brand, linked to the studies of Carol Dweck in developing a growth mindset and helped to shape how this could be delievered to their target market.

The go-to-market strategy considered brand, messaging, content, automation, channels to market and holistic customer experiences. Recommendations were made for internal communications, partnerships and measurements of success.

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