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Nutrition 4 Body
Nutrition 4 Body
Nutrition 4 Body


One of the most exciting projects to be involved in is the creation of a new company. This is what happened when Nutrition 4 Body approached us in 2014. They wanted to launch their exciting new 100% natural super food to the Australian market. However there was nothing other than the product recipe and a lot of passion from the owners!

We worked with the Nutrition 4 Body team and supported them along their marketing journey, from creation of their brand through to the launch of their product and online shop. We positioned their brand to build awareness among health conscious customers looking for 100% natural high quality foods that taste great and have long-term health benefits.


Brand awareness and sales are building steadily through the use of a multiple marketing channels. We continue to support the team with content, social media, PR, outsourced marketing and the development of their next product…. so stay tuned!

Services used

Discovery Session. Research. Strategy. Corporate Branding. Product Branding. Creative Services. Photography. Website Content. Social Media. Search Engine Optimisation.

Website          www.nutrition4body.com.au