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UN Youth Australia

UN Youth Representative 2014
Laura John

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Laura was awarded the role of UN Youth Representative for Australia in 2014. She travelled around the country meeting thousands of young Aussies who shared their concerns, their dreams and their plans to create social change. Our aim was to promote awareness of Laura’s role by getting her as much media publicity as we possibly could during her year in the role.

We did this by helping out with a general communications strategy including social media targeted posting. We also looked for opportunities for Laura to be on national radio, TV or print media.


Laura achieved amazing media coverage throughout her term. She was featured in a half page story in The Australian and appeared on the Disney Channel’s Hanging with Adam and Naomi, the ABC’s Q&A and Channel Ten’s Studio 10.

She had these kind words to say:

“I’m forever grateful to Phil Ore and the Marketing Entourage for team your media and communications support and especially for helping me fulfill a childhood dream of appearing on the Disney Channel!”

Services used

Discovery session. Research. Strategy. Creative Services. Social Media. PR.