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The Problem

Book an Artist (BAA) was developed from the problem of being unable to find great artists for commercial work as well as wanting to professionalize how the art industry operates. BAA is an online marketplace where you can find and hire graffiti artists, mural artists, street artists or illustrators. Not only do the people behind BAA have a deep understanding of art they want to connect people with amazing artists to help their business stand out and the artist further develop their business.

The founder, Gaurav, approached Marketing Entourage as he knew how passionate we were about street art and helping purpose driven business succeed.  At that time, the conversion rate of website traffic to lead was only 1%  and his marketing efforts were broad rather than targeted.

The Solution

We worked with BAA to develop a really focused target market, define a really clear message across all digital platforms and socials that would 'speak to his audience' and focus on updating the UX of his website to optimise the conversion rate. Stage 1 was to focus on the digital redesign for his homepage to showcase the artists, drive leads, and create a better user experience.  In just a short time, these small changes have made a huge difference to the number of leads BAA receive.  We now enter into Stage 2 to drive traffic to the website.

Services used:

Discovery Session. Research. Strategy. Creative Services. Website Design. Style Guide. Website Development. UVP Development. Content. Social Media. SEO

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