What you get

Clear direction, structure, support and the confidence to apply the right marketing tactic that will give you the results you need. You access experts and their network and a community that are all working towards your success. 

Not only will you create a highly effective marketing strategy and action plan, but you're also supported through its implementation with all of your questions answered and discounted access to our entourage; creatives, techies, MarTech, co-working, legal, R&D, accounting, everything a startup could need at a budget you can afford.

In the 12 months that you're a member of ME Startup, you'll transform the way you connect with your customers and ultimately grow your business. 

Join ME Startup now, if you're serious about helping more people with your product or service and want to feel empowered to have done it yourself with a little bit of guidance. 


ME Startup is for you if...



You’re a startup founder or business owner who is passionate about how they can solve their customer's problems or make their lives better


Online Presence

You have a website (or almost have) or some form of an online presence. This can be a simple landing page or your social media presence


Customer Love

You're not just in it for the money, you are purpose-driven and really care about bringing value to your customers


Growth Focussed

You’re serious about growing your business, you’re committed to taking your business to the next level

Empowering you to scale your Startup or Business.

Immediate Results

Having helped over 500 Startups, we understand the challenges you face when trying to grow your business. Having implemented a similar program in 2018 we know we can get you results, whether that is receiving investment, increasing your customer base or improving your ROI. 

The Experts: 
Sam Hurley & Phil Ore

This program has been developed by Sam and Phil (co-founders of Marketing Entourage) and is based on their extensive experience helping businesses to scale domestically and internationally. Both are integral to the startup ecosystem in Australia and they wanted to create a way to empower founders with the smarts to make sure their business was a success.  Both passionate believers that Australia can become the startup nation of Asia, they've made building an effective strategy easy, marketing tactics accessible and persuaded a whole heap of people to give discounts to make sure you get traction. 


Your questions answered

  • What's included in ME Startup?

    We know that running a Startup isn’t easy, we get that. So you'll get the most effective marketing strategy, the plan that helps you put it into action, the support for when you need some guidance, the network to build those partnerships, the community to keep you motivated and the tools to implement it all so you'll see a different business at the end. It includes a 12 week Accelerator program to kick things off,  a dynamic content library, a private Facebook group, exclusive social events, and discounts to a range of services and further education.  You are fully supported by the Marketing Entourage co-founders and have access to a range of benefits from the ME Startup partners. See Partners listarrow

    We only accept members at selected times of the year and you'll enter into the program as part of a cohort. That means that you will be surrounded and supported by people in the exact same position as you. It also means that you have to be quick if you want to take action with your business now, make sure you're in the next cohort. And if you decide it's not for you within 14 days of the program start, you get a full refund.

  • What's the outcome?

    What is it that you're hoping to achieve? Past participants have determined what they were trying to do and have gone on to do that.  For some, this has meant that they have perfected their pitch to investors, for others they have seen an increase in their customer base.  Some have seen an increase in the customer spend, others an increase on their ROI. Some have commented that the structure they now have has saved them weeks worth of time, others have said that they have got more done in the first few weeks of the program than they have in three years. It is up to you what you want to set as the goal for your time because that's what you'll aim for an undoubtedly achieve. 

  • What makes this program different?

    We believe that marketing, and business, should be human-centered. By putting your customers at the heart of what you do and ensuring you are providing value in all stages of their interactions with you, you will develop longer-lasting relationships and customers will be delighted to recommend you.  You love what you do and you know that you solve other peoples problems or make their lives better, you just need a little help to find the people that will love what you do.  That's what we do best and we ensure that they've found you, they keep coming back for more. We're not a get rich quick scheme and know there isn't a blueprint of how to growth hack your startup. Having helped so many startups and businesses in our time, we know how we can help you tailor what you do specifically to your business.

  • What's the 12-week accelerator?

    The 12-week accelerator ensures that you are supported to create a highly effective marketing and customer experience strategy for your business. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of your competitors, your brand, what you should look like, sound like and what content you should be creating. In each of the 12 weeks, you’ll complete 2 hours of online content in your own time and attend a 2-hour in-person (or virtual) workshop with Sam or Phil. The online content is made up of short, easily digestible videos and how-tos with supporting worksheets and activities. This is the foundation for you hitting your goals. 

Need more info?

Download our information pack to answer any final questions you may have regarding the program.

Still have questions? Email us at hello@marketingentourage.com.au

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The program helped me reach out to people I normally wouldn’t and increase my ROI by 30%

John O’Sullivan

Walks 101, Founder

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I entered alone & came out being supported by people I can proudly call my friends.

Nicci Leung

LifePod, Founder

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It helped us put a business plan together & prepare us for the capital raise that's about to happen.

Micheal Hawkins

My ConCat, Founder


Choose Your Membership

Pay upfront and save, or pay in 6 or 12-month installments. Ordinarily, our basic marketing strategies start from $8,000, however, by empowering you to do some of this yourself through our online education platform and increasing the number of people with us in the session as well as the digital nature of the service requests, we've been able to make this more accessible to startups and their limited budgets. 

12 Monthly Payments $375

Pay a monthly fee of $375. Ideal for Startups who aren’t rolling in money and would prefer a monthly payment plan.

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6 Monthly Payments $700

Pay 6 Payments of $700. Things are a bit better financially, but still fancy spreading out the payment while you grow.

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One Payment $4,000

Pay upfront. You’ve got the money, and you’ll put the $500 savings towards your next marketing campaign.

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