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Strategic marketing capabilities built through 25eight

Not your average marketing company

We did things differently and always saw marketing encompassing a lot more than what people usually expect.  We developed marketing strategies using methods that you might traditionally find in a design or management consultancy in a manner that's more in keeping with startups or software companies. We remain human-centred and our methodology now helps 25eight clients to create amazing customer experiences (CX) that drive customer love and advocacy. We will continue to build your or your teams capabilities through 25eight programs for long term impact for your business.

Outcome focused results for your business situation

We focused on building your strategic marketing capabilities with Marketing Entourage and now in 25eight we build on those capabilities with digital, innovation and entrepreneurship.  We give you the confidence to practically apply what you learn to your business situation because the learning and support is tailored to your situation.  We don't tell you what to do, we teach you why and then the how to help you determine the best course of action based on the outcomes you want. At 25eight we've packed our online learning with educational psychology and industry experience and with our programs and services you get access to some of the best mentors in the game with the best connections. 

Purpose-driven Certified B Corporation®

We believe that businesses that serve a purpose who are driven by purposeful people who love their customers will be the new norm. We're passionate advocates of business being a force of good and we became a B Corp™ in August 2019 - which means that we measure ourselves and our business against the highest social and environmental standards. This continues into 25eight. We like helping good business and organisations do even better and love working with people that are contributing to society, communities or the environment in some way. We're committed to our staff, the people we serve and the communities around us.



Our most popular courses now at

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With online content accessible anytime, get a deep understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and determine what digital market tactics you should employ, that are specific to your business and your customers.

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This is the marketing strategy component of the ME for Startups program and helps startups develop their strategy but without the mentoring and support to keep the cost down. Complete in your own time but still join the community.
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Marketing entourage card – 1-1

Develop a highly effective marketing strategy specific to your business, but without the mentoring offered in the program to keep the costs down.  Go through at your own pace, in your own time. 

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The Australian Defence Export Office, in partnership with Marketing Entourage, have created this pitch training program specifically for those businesses that are looking to export defence and dual use goods and services. Submit your EOI to be considered on this program here.

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How to tutorial series – 1-3

Our free how-to series shows you had to practical achieve some of the fundamental tasks of great marketing.  Specifically for those that are less confident with or new to digital marketing, we continue to build out mini courses to help you shine online. 


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How to Webinar Series

As part of our Regional Growth Project, this How to webinar series has been created for outer metropolitan, regional and rural Australia businesses that need to prepare their businesses for the new visitor economy.

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It helped us put a business plan together & prepare us for the capital raise that's about to happen.

Micheal Hawkins

My ConCat, Founder





Here's how it works

Choose your level of support

We design courses, programs and services that specifically help startup founders and business owners (or those helping them) to understand and apply strategic marketing decisions and tactics to help their business grow. From short courses to full programs and 'done with you' services, we have something for every stage of your business growth journey. 

Register or Contact

If you've chosen a course, you can register and access this immediately online.  For our programs, there is usually a cohort start date , however you can register prior to the start to secure your place. For our services, you can book to speak to us directly and we'll chat through the process and expected outcomes dependent on your business situation. If you would rather receive further information prior to calling, please contact us and request our Services outline. 



Immediate results

Get ready to build your marketing capabilities and start getting results for your business. You'll also join our Marketing Entourage community of startup founders and business owners all supporting each other to take their marketing to the next level. We're passionate about building your capabilities and those of your team for sustainable long term impact that can be measured. We help you get the results you need. 


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