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A successful startup, especially a technology startup, is a human innovation process. You will succeed not because of how well you know and understand technology, but because of how well you set yourself up to continually engage with and learn from your customers.  
Codemarked is a joint venture between Marketing Entourage and Common Code; key enablers of the startup ecosystem.  Both businesses are extremely passionate about helping committed startups create sustainable business.

Validate your idea

Fully validate your idea

Further to your acceptance into the Codemarked program we spend four weeks refining your vision and business model, we conduct an environmental scan and competitor analysis and define your market position and target audience. We develop your unique value proposition, brand strategy, customer personas and map their journey. Your idea is fully validated through research and a prototype brief created.

Get feedback on your prototype

Get feedback on your prototype

The next stage sees us create the user stories and wireframes for your prototype and develop the brand aesthetics. We'll present the UX and UI and make changes before delivering a clickable prototype you can take out and test. We'll arm you with the tools that you need to engage with testers and prospective customers and help you to collect the feedback into actionable items for further development. 

Launch your product

Build & launch a viable product

The final stage is fully informed by the prior two, in that the UX and UI feedback is implemented and a MVP roadmap defined. We'll work to develop that MVP and check in with you weekly. During the development time we'll also work with you to develop your go-to-market strategy and marketing plan and connect you with the people that can help make your startup a success. 

Application ProcessTurning visitors i

Step 1If you're ready to take your idea to market, the first step is to submit your contact details using the form above. One of our awesome team members will then contact you by phone or email to give you some more details and ensure this is the right thing for you to do. 

Step 2Once you've had a lovely chat with one of the team, you may be asked to send some further information through to us.  This may be in the form of a pitch deck, a video or an investor memorandum. This is our way of ensuring that we're the right fit for you and you'll get the most out of this process.  

Step 3

If we think we'll work wonders together, you'll be invited to an initial (no-obligation) two hour session with the team. We'll get you to pitch your idea to us so that we can ask you specific questions. We'll chat you through the process in more detail and (hopefully) agree to partner together on the journey.

Step 4If we're all happy that we're going to smash some goals, we'll then roadmap out the project with a timeline and key milestones and get you to commit to the first phase. We see this as a partnership where we empower you with the knowledge of each step, so it's important you're available during that time. 

Phase 1



Refine your vision (your north star), your objectives and key metrics that will drive the project in a half day workshop

Phase 1



Fully develop your business model and unique value proposition. Understand your market position and identify the people that will love what you do

Phase 1

Group 1298


We deep dive into your target audience, map out their journey, what you should say to them and where and how you need to interact with them

Phase 2

Measure & Refine


We workshop the user stories and wireframes and then design a clickable prototype (UX and UI) with relevant brand aesthetics

Phase 1



We arm you with a research and engagement plan to test the prototype. Then work with you to collate and analyse the feedback

Phase 1



Using the insights from the testing stage, we refine the prototpe and develop a roadmap for a minimum viable product (MVP)

Phase 3

Group 1528


With weekly release meetings to keep you fully updated on the process, we work to build your MVP in six weeks

Phase 1



We develop your launch plan, go-to-market strategy and marketing plan and connect you with our industry contacts

Phase 1



We give you the tools to take your MVP to the next stage with ideas for future needs, hiring roadmaps, tech stacks and further resources

Why Us

Marketing Entoura

Human Centred Marketing & CX


Experts in business, design, marketing and customer experience, using research and insights to

co-design strategies with clients, ME have worked with over 500 startups.
Our unique human centred methodology ensures customer experience excellence from idea inception.
We help people better connect with their customer to drive acquisition, conversion and retention.
Find out more about us here

Code Marked

Digital Product Development


We're a group of highly skilled web developers, designers, team leaders and business strategists.

We help define your challenges and solve your problems. Think of us as your ready-to-go-team for software product development. 

Our Melbourne based team is comprised of 30+ developers and designers to help you craft your digital product. Find out more about us here

Business Assessment & Feedback -  Free

Phase 1 Investment  - $16,500

Phase 2 Investment  - $31,500

Phase 3 Investment - $72,000

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