The low-down: The why and how of Facebook for business success

November 22, 2017

Facebook is a an excellent channel to drive an organisation's business strategy


So there’s this social platform called Facebook. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Pretty much everybody has an account. Except infants, the elderly, and that one rare person you meet who says, “Oh, I don’t have Facebook”, and then everyone looks at them like they’re from another planet…

So you know what is - I’m guessing you’ve used it, but are you using it for your business? If so, are you making the most of it?

In this post I’ll explore some reasons why you should be using Facebook and how you can use it to drive your business strategy – whatever that might be.

Why Facebook?

It’s no secret that Google and Facebook are dominating the online space. With billions of users per day and the ability to target specific demographics, it’s easy to see why presence in the digital space is so important. Facebook is the social channel of choice for most users searching for information about a small-medium business, and consumers are 80% more likely to purchase from you if the information they find there is positive.

Facebook has grown exponentially since its inception. Originally being used for connecting and sharing with friends, it’s now a hub for a whole lot more. People form groups based on interests, share recommendations for products and services, discover events, post reviews… the list is endless!

Especially notable for businesses is the in-app functionality allowing more to happen on mobile. Without leaving Facebook, users can follow a link, complete an online form, purchase tickets, shop online and so on. It’s convenient – people are more likely to do things on the go, so it’s important to make that available to consumers if you want to boost chances of conversion!

The 2 most significant reasons to use Facebook for business?

1. Connectivity and Engagement

The walls have come down, and consumers love being able to interact with businesses on social platforms. These digital worlds are integral to most people’s lives now, so it makes sense for your business to be part of that. It’s fundamental to building meaningful relationships with your consumers.

Sharing content, allow consumers to interact with you, to ‘like’ you and post reviews, easily find information and see what you’re all about. And hey, maybe something you post could go viral, and you’ll capitalize on the best form of free advertising there is!

2. Data

What’s any strategy without informed decisions behind it? You’re walking blind. Facebook is great for finding direction and getting focused. You can specifically target your consumer and get insightful information. Play and explore with your metrics, track everything and find what works.

Data helps to generate insights for business decisions You can see what types of content are more successful and keep evolving to suit. You can apply the concept of the marketing funnel to this too: Cast your net as wide as possible (within your target), reach more users, see the reach, track the response to your efforts. How many of those reached actually came to your site? How many followed a call to action? What about conversion rate? There is a wealth of data being collected behind the scenes, and you can tap into it. Need help figuring it all out? Get in touch, we’d love to help.  Facebook have also introduced Blueprint to help businesses learn to make the most of its marketing tools.

Tips to drive results?

Play by Facebook’s rules. Just like Google, Facebook regularly updates a lot of features and functions, for a great many reasons. If you want to get a good result from your efforts on Facebook, you’ve got to play the game and stay up-to-date!

Be quick

While mobile responsiveness and speed of your website have been crucially important for a while now (think SEO…), there’s now another reason. Recent updates mean that the speed of a website will determine how it’s prioritized within a news feed. If that wasn’t reason enough, we know people have shorter attention spans than ever. Our friends at Kissmetrics can attest that “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load”.

Don’t be afraid of video

You might have noticed, video now dominates the news feed. There’s a reason for this. It’s because Facebook said so. Again, learn to play the game, and you’ll increase the chances of showing up organically in user’s newsfeeds.

Split test

Trial and error is the best way to chop, change and improve your strategy. Create different ad campaigns, try something new and see what works. Another recent update allows you to compare ad performance across different date ranges, which is always handy to see!

UTM Codes

Otherwise known as “urchin tracking module” codes, these allow you to track where someone has come from when visiting your website. A great idea if you want to see if Facebook is really driving traffic to your website!

Be authentic

People know when you’re being real, or when something is forced. Connect with your consumers at that real level. Create a content strategy that resonates with your brand and your consumers around a relevant area of interest, and post regularly (you can even use automation tools to help you out). You can pay for advertising or you can work on your organic marketing. Regardless of your strategy, you should always be trying to engage your community and build those relationships!

All in all, Facebook is full of social, sharable content, with endless data we can pull insights from to optimise our business strategy for success. You’ll get the best results if you have a strong marketing strategy driving your efforts and stay up-to-date with how Facebook is working.



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by Carly Layton

Carly Layton

Written by Carly Layton

Carly is a digital marketing manager with agency experience across a range of name brands - from travel to FMCG. She's passionate about all things digital and has a particular interest in consumer behaviour and the role of technology in our modern lives. Carly is a woman of many talents - she's a yoga teacher, freelance photographer and speaks fluent French. With years of experience in customer service, retail and corporate environments, she truly understands the importance of a customer being at the heart of everything a business does.

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