The Power of "Yes"

July 1, 2015

It is amazing how fast your career can change. Three years ago I was Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for a blue chip manufacturer with multi-billion dollar revenue, two years ago I was Managing Director of a global brand design agency working with some of the largest companies in the world. Sounds all very cool? Well it was – I have been a lucky boy in my career -  even so, I started to feel that something was missing and I needed to make a change.

The terms ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Intraprenuer’ didn’t exist in the 90’s, or 00’s. If they did at the time, I would have described myself as an Intrapreneur (four out of my last five jobs in the corporate world were newly created roles), who always strived to be an Entrepreneur and run my own business.

So how did Marketing Entourage happen? Well in 2014, I decided to become an independent business consultant, specialising in helping businesses grow through smart marketing. I worked with clients to assess their current brand, marketing and communications strategy and helped them decide what needed to improve. However, after providing them with the strategy they would then ask “Who do I go to to help me implement the plan?”. One of the key requirements was that they wanted to work with someone they could trust. They started to ask, “Can you help Phil?”, to which I responded “……Yes”.

Yes is a very powerful word! In 2009 I watched the move The Yes Man on a plane to Singapore and decided that from now on this is how I would live my life, both personally and within work. The results have been amazing! As the number of clients grew they asked more and more questions:

Do you know someone who can design a brand? – Yes
Do you know someone who builds websites? – Yes
Do you know someone who understands search engine optimisation? – Yes
Do you know anyone who help us create a customer relationship management platform? – Yes
Do you know someone who can build us a social media presence? - Yes

You get the picture – from a starting point of a single service (strategic planning), I developed a business that now offers almost 20 brand, marketing and communications-related services. The number of members in the Entourage extends to 25 talented people who are all experts in their field. We are not motivated by dollars, but driven by working with awesome clients who are as passionate about their work as we are. It has been a real journey watching the business grow based on our customers’ needs, and it continues to develop as people ask for more support.

So Marketing Entourage was born thanks to the people we help – our clients. Everyone who works for us is someone we know personally. We quite literally work with our friends everyday and I believe this has a positive impact for our clients. Everyone is empowered in the team to be the best they can be. I am so genuinely excited about where this road will lead and I will continue to say “Yes” and enjoy the ride.

Phil Ore, Founder of Marketing Entourage

by Marketing Entourage

Marketing Entourage

Written by Marketing Entourage

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