Want to increase your confidence and conversions when pitching your business?

Learn the key components of a great pitch through this marketing training:

  • Understand the key components of a great pitch and get 'buy in' to what you're doing
  • Understand how to pitch and adjust for foreign militaries and international defence businesses, including Primes
  • Get better at delivering your pitch in all circumstances,  especially online
  • Learn how to tailor your messages to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Understand how to create a memorable brand 
  • Build confidence in delivering a great pitch with thorough preparation
  • Submit a 5 minute pitch video for military and/or prime feedback and Australian Defence Export Office use. 

The Australian Defence Export Office, in partnership with Marketing Entourage, have created this pitch training program specifically for those businesses that are looking to export defence and dual use goods and services.

Based on the human centred marketing methodology developed by Marketing Entourage and delivered to thousands of startups and businesses within Australia, this program will help you better prepare your communications (whether in person or digital) to get more success with your pitch. 

Following the online learning components of the training, you will be able to participate in weekly sessions with Marketing Entourage and schedule 1:1 mentor sessions to help you refine and perfect your pitch. 

We are only able to take a certain number of businesses through the program in each cohort, so please submit your expression of interest for you business to be included by completing the form on this page. 


Your educator and experts for this training:

Samantha Hurley
Co-founder and Chief Educator of Marketing Entourage, Sam has an international career spanning 20 years in design, research, sales & marketing and senior and executive management. Sam has instigated and managed several digital transformations and evolved her knowledge and expertise as quickly as the world evolved around her. She marries her strategic thinking and frameworks with her depth of knowledge on how best to market businesses and startups. A former lead instructor at General Assembly and creator of The Startup Marketing Program, she translates effective strategy into actionable steps that any business leader can follow. 

Phil Ore
Co-founder and Chief Mentor of Marketing Entourage, Phil has had a global career including 17 years in engineering, marketing and customer experience roles at Nokia. Having mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders, Phil's uses his experience to help define a unique value proposition for businesses and supports creating a perfect pitch that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Phil mentors businesses across Australia, including those participating in the Austrade Landing Pads Program, has held a number of Entrepreneur in residence roles and is also the Pitch Mentor for Startup Victoria. 



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