Our Vision

A world of purpose driven business

In a world of accelerated change we have access to more products, services and information than ever before. This makes it hard to stand out and be innovative in a very competitive market place. We want to help as many passionate and purpose driven business succeed by helping them to think strategically, innovatively and creatively to attract and retain their ideal customers. Not only does this give us a better choice as a consumer, it also breeds a better type of product or service. We believe that business can help change the world and people are drawn to people and businesses that are trying to do things differently, that know there is a better way. Ultimately, business is about human connections, people buy from people, people buy from people they trust, value or aspire to be like. You love what you do and you want to share it with the people that stand for the same values as you (your tribe), you just need help attracting, converting and retaining them, and that’s what we’re here to do. 

We're seriously committed to our vision and want to practice what we preach. We've proudly certified as a B Corporation, which will uphold us to the highest social and environmental standards. We join a growing movement of business that is focused on being a force for good.

Marketing Entourage Team

Our Team

No man is an island and we believe in collaboration and co-design. We are champions of having a design mindset and believe that creativity can be taught and work with our clients as if they were peers. So much so, they often become good friends (which is why we’re so picky about who we work with). We are driven to constantly strengthen our knowledge in our multi-disciplinary fields and gain perspectives from diverse sources. We always want to provide the best service and are constantly refining our services to best match our client needs. We know that change is constant and there’s benefit to iterative processes; we are always thinking of ways we can improve what we do and what you can do for your clients. We believe in honesty and that every opinion counts. Our clients matter, our team matters, and we want work with people that are equally passionate about creating impact. We love what we do, it’s a lot of fun, so it doesn’t really feel like ‘work’ a lot of the time.

The Entourage

As well as our in-house team of experts we work with a number of freelancers and contractors to provide solutions for ourclients. This helps us remain agile and our prices extremely competitive.  We also strongly believe in making life your business not business your life and want to enable creative people the chance to work on their own terms. We have built an ecosystem of amazing creative and purpose-driven individuals and small businesses who want to create amazing customer experiences. We are always looking to expand our network to offer our clients unique ways of marketing themselves. If you would like to be a part of the team get in touch and let us know why you’re a perfect fit.  

When you work with ME, you get access to the entire entourage.

Access to a entire entourage



Our Values

We're human centred. 

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Heart Of Me
Phil Ore – The Ideas Man

Phil Ore – The Ideas Man

I always pride myself on being an ‘Ideas man’ - a strategist with expertise in brand, marketing and customer experience.

I have dedicated my professional career to helping people and businesses succeed through a human centred strategy, idea generation and brand expertise to improve customer experiences. During my global career, I have been fortunate to have had a wide range of roles working for, and alongside, some the world’s largest corporations and brands in over 130 countries. My executive roles have included Global Director of Customer Experience at Nokia and Global Head of Brand Architecture at Nokia Siemens Networks. In Australia, I have worked with major corporations such as Optus, Vodafone, ANZ, Australia Post, NBN Co, Danone, Coles, Bunnings and City of Melbourne. I have also worked with many Not-For-Profit organisations, profit for purpose and social enterprises with specialised focus on creating and building communities. 

In addition to being the co-founder of Marketing Entourage, I am also co-founder of Entrepreneurs&Co and global ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds.

I am also passionate about helping the Australian startup ecosystem and act as a mentor, advisor and panelist. This includes being the pitch mentor for Startup Victoria.


Strategic Thinking, Customer Experience, Brand, Inbound Marketing, Sales, Technology, Product Development. Using my extensive network to connect people to those who can support each other.

Favourite daily activity

Being with people, laughing and singing…… although nowadays more singing in the shower!

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Sam Hurley - Director & Senior Strategist

Sam Hurley - Director & Senior Strategist

I co-founded Marketing Entourage after spending 18 years in senior positions for companies such as Lonely Planet and The Press Association in Melbourne, New York and London.

After Uni, I cut my teeth in a design agency and went on to use a human-centred design process to help develop a product that went on to revolutionise the media industry in 2002 and my career finding better ways of doing things was born.

It feels like I have a scientist’s brain and an artist’s heart and liken myself to Alexander Fleming; in that I enjoy the structured, but unpredictable and creative, process of discovery, (although I have never had the urge to paint with living organisms) and hope that by working with purpose-driven businesses I am helping them to change the world. I get great pleasure in helping really nice people discover their path to business success using insights and tools to help them fully understand their customers and how they can provide greater value.

From a very young age I had always questioned ‘why’; which delighted my inventor father who made me, amongst other things, dismantle a toaster and rebuild it because I wanted to know how it worked, code my own computer games on an Acorn Electron (yes, I am really that old), and restore a classic car (to be my first car after I passed my test) at the age of 15. The constant questioning, discovering, understanding, and love of aesthetics are what lead me to work in senior sales & marketing roles internationally in the media and publishing industries. My ability to be agile in thought, creative and innovative is what has helped transform the companies I’ve worked with as quickly as the world changed around them.

Unlike Alexander though, the Marketing Entourage ‘lab’ is never really that messy as I run a pretty tight ship in keeping everything and everyone focused and organised!

Quite ironically I am allergic to Penicillin (Alexander Fleming’s discovery that changed the world)


Strategic Thinker, Strategic Planner, Strategic Foresight, Master Facilitator (Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Mesa Method), CX Guru, Human Geographer, Creative, Data Nerd

Favourite daily activity

Breathing & Learning

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